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Press Release: Nauki - Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing services for natural cosmetic ingredients that benefit livelihoods, ecosystems and climate.

Berlin, Germany - 30.07.2019

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Founded on the principles of sustainable development, Nauki - Responsible Sourcing works with both cosmetic companies and natural ingredient producers to identify opportunities to strengthen supply chains, foster synergies and cooperation, and source quality premium ingredients. With our tailor-made sustainable sourcing project stories on the platform we support our partners to showcase their commitment to responsible sourcing. Our stories combine satellite and drone imagery and geographic context to walk audiences through interactive journeys for an exceptional and inspiring experience.


We believe healthy ingredients for cosmetics come from healthy ecosystems and thriving communities! That’s why we love high quality natural ingredients that benefit climate, ecosystems and livelihoods. Increasing supply chain resilience in the face of climate change and the scarcity of high quality resources is more than good business practice. Local producers of high-quality ingredients and companies committed to responsible sourcing of natural ingredients deserve their positive social, economic, and environmental impact to be shared.


Based in Berlin, Nauki - Responsible Sourcing works with a large network of companies, associations, cooperatives, social businesses and NGOs, and carefully selected partners with a clear commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable development. Our team consists of highly qualified experts in climate change adaptation, sustainable land use, communication and CSR and has worked with NGOs, public institutions and the private sector.


We offer natural cosmetic ingredients sourcing services as well as tailor-made communication and storytelling strategies for sourcing projects based on the curated access to the platform.

Nauki - Responsible Sourcing focuses on sourcing projects with a clear commitment to sustainability. This includes landscape restoration such as forestry, agroforestry and forest conservation projects that bolster livelihoods, reduce socio-economic vulnerability and bring climate change adaptation while producing consistently high quality cosmetic ingredients.

How we can help you - Our services

Natural Ingredients Sourcing

  • Portfolio of selected producers and on-demand sourcing of high-quality ingredients from sustainable projects.
  • Direct investments into forestry projects and natural ingredients value chains.

Sourcing of natural ingredients should be sustainable, socially responsible and meet socio-economic and environmental demands. We help you to responsibly source your natural cosmetic ingredients while making a positive impact towards the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals.

Communication Management

  • Communication and Storytelling Strategies for new and existing sourcing projects.
  • Curated access to the platform. Production and management of engaging and interactive digital stories.
  • Data-driven approach based on SDG indicators to better track and communicate contributions towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

Informing consumer and stakeholders about the positive effects of their choices is key for engagement and builds deep networks of trust while promoting sustainability across the supply chain. Our approach to communication visualizes the real story behind ingredients, offers insight into the complexity and achievements behind sustainable sourcing projects and the supply chain process.

We show your positive social, economic, and environmental impact! Our data-driven approach to storytelling is based on the Sustainable Development Goals and allows you to track and communicate your contribution towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda through responsible sourcing.

OpenForests partners with Nauki - Responsible Sourcing to develop the representation of the cosmetic and health food sector on the platform.

This interactive map portal launched in 2018 by OpenForests allows to present content from projects such as stories, photos, and videos in their geographic context over an interactive web map, which integrates data collected from high-resolution satellite and drone imagery. It is designed to communicate the story and value of landscape projects in an exciting and transparent way that builds trust.

Nauki and

We recognize successful sourcing projects are rich with stories - not only about the origin, the traditional use and the local production processes of ingredients, but also the entire ecosystem of people, communities and the surrounding natural habitat which bring products to market. Through high-resolution drone and satellite imagery, evidence of progress on the ground can be opened up to the public and shared among all relevant stakeholders

We strongly believe that not only large, but also small scale projects can and should showcase their integrity.

Contact us

If you are interested in a collaboration with us and our partners or if we can help you with our range of communications services that also include curated access to the platform, we are happy to hear from you!

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